Warriors and whiners

I had the pleasure and honor of prospecting under a godly man. Original patch Bob “Cowboy” Biondich. I met him at church. I served as youth pastor and we met and seemed to hit it off. He told me … [Read more...]

Background Noise

There was a point in my life when I couldn’t stand silence. In the car there had to be music, at home something had to be playing. Whether it was the tv or stereo didn’t matter. Something had to be … [Read more...]

I wanna be a cowboy…baby

I always wanted to be a cowboy. Not the kind that work the cattle drives, but the kind like Wyatt Earp. The hat, the look, the walk, the attitude, and the two six guns. As a kid, I wore the toy guns … [Read more...]

Same old song and dance…

Another year has come and gone. another opportunity to look back at what was, then look forward to what could be. Most folks spend a great deal of time trying to live in what could be. We dream about … [Read more...]

Lets Make a Deal

When I was a kid, there was a show on TV called “Let’s make a deal.” The whole premise of the show was bizarre. People would show up at the studio, dressed in weird costumes for the express purpose of … [Read more...]

Why it matters

  The world is rapidly changing. What was once held as foundational truth is being quickly cast aside as being antiquated. We stand in confusion at how quickly this is happening. Slack jawed … [Read more...]