Legacy I had to attend a funeral recently. People like us go to a lot of them. This one was for a guy I knew fairly well. Nice guy. When the Pastor opens it up for comments we usually hear the same old thing. “He was a fun guy, we did fun stuff together”. Blah, blah, blah. This one was different. “Charlie inspired me to read the Bible, Charlie helped me with my special needs child, Charlie gave of himself, Charlie showed me how to worship”. Yes, he was fun. Yes, we did fun stuff together, buy he did stuff that mattered. Stuff he never told anyone about. He blessed people quietly and without fanfare. This is part of his legacy. It’s part of the sermon of his life. Some people wait for ministry to happen, and some people just make it happen. Often times we think of ministry in very formal ways. Something planned. Let’s look for opportunities wherever and whenever we can. Speaking into people’s lives whenever we can. Let our light shine every day. Let lifestyle evangelism be part of our lifestyle of worship. May this be our legacy. Redbeard National Chaplain RSMC

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