Lets Make a Deal

timthumb.php When I was a kid, there was a show on TV called “Let’s make a deal.” The whole premise of the show was bizarre. People would show up at the studio, dressed in weird costumes for the express purpose of getting the attention of the host of the show. The point in this was to be able to somehow be chosen so the host would offer them this or that, cash or an envelope, behind door 1 or door 2. Simply to get an opportunity to get something. A prize, some cash, a car, a vacation, or even a stove. I read 2 Samuel 24 yesterday. It felt as though I had been double punched in my heart. King David had to answer for his sin. God gave him 3 choices. A penalty was to be paid, and it was not going to be good. Not only was David going to be punished, the people were going to suffer because of his sin. The choices were 3 years of famine, 3 months at the hands of his enemies, or 3 days of pestilence delivered by the hand of God. Again. Suffering was coming. And it was going to be severe. Scripture refers to David as a “man after Gods own heart” 2 times. Both times, God is calling him this. David knew God. He had come to know of the Lords mercy early in life. So when choosing the depth of suffering for his people, he chose to throw himself into the hands of God and trust his mercy would reign supreme. There is accountability for our choices. 70,000 men died. It would have been more, but God removed the hand of calamity from the people before he came to Jerusalem.70,000 men died because of a choice their king made. These people had no knowledge of this sin, not aware of the consequence and suffering that would be required of them because of this choice. They just died. We go through life mostly reacting to things that come our way. Tragedy, loss, financial ruin, relationship chaos, sickness, fear…what ever. Something happens and we react. Oddly enough, we often react to these issues the same as non believers do. We just try to get by as best as we can. Here is what we can learn from David. David placed himself into the sovereign hands of his God. He did not want to wonder about famine of a natural disaster, or being plundered by enemies. He understood that this punishment was directed at him and he wanted to come from the hand of God. So when it happened, he could know with out question this is from God. We have no frame of reference for this type of punishment for our actions. The loss of life in such numbers is staggering to say the least. But we can understand the principle of sovereignty. We out to live in a way and have such a perspective that what ever comes our way comes from God himself. When we have the surety of faith that our lives belong to him, and what may come our way has been released from our father, we take it with the understanding that it came from him. Not an accident, not a what if, not an enemy, but from the creator of the world itself. Don’t be a victim. Scripture tells us that “The earth is the Lords, and the fullness thereof’, and “You are not your own, but you have been bought with a price, therefore honor God with your body”. Here’s what I know. My God “moves the hearts of men live rivers of water”, “The earth is the Lords footstool”, and “everything he does he does for the pleasure of his will’. I have a limited view of who God is. Even with the wonder of scripture, my view is “thinly veiled.” So rather than blame an enemy or a seemingly natural disaster for what happens in my life, I choose to believe that nothing shall come my way before it comes through the sovereign hands of my savior. Because of that, I can hold my head up, live in freedom, and know my steps are ordered by the Lord. Stop reacting to life and act on his goodness and power. He is our God. Be different. Primal. Florida Outpost

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