Same old song and dance…

Another year has come and gone. another opportunity to look back at what was, then look forward to what could be. Most folks spend a great deal of time trying to live in what could be. We dream about comfort and wealth surrounded by the things we want. We even go as far as saying what an impact we coulee make for the kingdom of we had all the stuff, all the comfort, so there wouldn’t be so much stress and concern about it. Its the same old song. We sing about what we could do if we had what we needed. We sing it with hope and desire. After all, its for the kingdom Lord. Its all for you. We learn this song early in life. We are always preparing to something later. After this, or that…when this or that is better, when I have this or that The problem is no body listens anymore. Same old dance? The problem with dancing to the same old song is how used we are to the tune. We danced to it so long that even our moves are the same. It becomes our groove. we hear our song, and we get our groove on. After a while, we get bored with the song, the dance and even the process. nothing changes but the dates. We follow a God that has given us, in our own language, the ancient text of our faith. Who he is, what he says, how we should live is written plainly in the pages. Stories of men and women that we read about amaze us with its simplicity and wonder. Here’s the kicker…our faith and actions look nothing like those we read about. The reasons are simple. We’ve learned to like our stuff. We’ve learned to like our status, and we’ve learned to make it look religious. We think we are doing it right, because there are so many doing it wrong. We’ve fooled ourselves into believing we don’t have an agenda. The good news, is that Tozer reminds us of the need to adjust our line of site. Meaning that every 3rd generation needs to return to original faith and reignite the fire that burned within the church fathers. When our hearts yearn for holiness and become white hot for the true God to reign in our hearts, we cannot compromise with a new way to become like Christ. We must remember our main objective. Make disciples. This takes time and effort. Theres no shortcut, no easy way. There can be no mingling of thought that takes away from the goal. May this year be the year when you invest in 1 person for the sake of turning that person into a disciple. Or, may this be the year that you realize you need to first, be a disciple. if thats the case, your national chaplains can help you with that. Either way. If you go into this year with the same old song and dance, would get the same old not accomplishing life. don’t be that guy. Primal. Titusville, FL  

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