Temple Builders

Temple Builders If you step into the world of the prophet Haggai, you’ll be walking among a people that have only recently returned to their homeland after a 70 year exile in a far off land. The city of Jerusalem had been destroyed, and the temple was laid in ruins. There was much work to be done, but at least they were home. So the people went back to work. They built homes, businesses, marketplaces, normal things. Necessary things. There was however, one thing missing. No temple. It’s not that they didn’t plan on rebuilding it, they were just in the middle of something, and would do it when they had a chance. All in good time. But God called them on it. The reason the nation went into exile in the first place was that their relationship with Him had so deteriorated that they were putting every false god they could find ahead of Him. They still called themselves children of Abraham, and God’d chosen people, but they wanted all of the blessings without any of the commitment. Without any of the relationship. The LORD asks the people, through Haggai, “Are you really going to build your own little kingdoms on earth while my temple lays in ashes?” He challenges them to take a step back and examine their lives. The people were working and slaving, and slaving an working, and breaking their backs trying to make a better life, but in the end, they were getting nowhere. Whatever successes they had would never be enough. Israel thought they had abandoned their false gods, but they let the affairs of life, things that aren’t necessarily wrong, take the place of God. That my friends is idolatry. They gave every little thing precedence over the God that had delivered them from captivity not once, but twice. Because of their idolatry, God’s hand of blessing was not upon them or the work of their hands. In fact, He was causing their toil to be unfruitful. Thankfully, the governor, the high priest, and the “whole remnant of the people ” listened and the second temple was soon begun where the old one had once stood. Not long after, The LORD promised that the glory of the second temple would be greater than the first. God spoke blessings over the people and the land. All He ever wanted was a relationship with His people. “What does that have to do with me?” You might ask. “I go to church. There’s no temple to build.” That my friend is where you are mistaken. YOU are the temple. And this temple most certainly has to be built up. The Apostle Paul called us the Temple of The Holy Spirit. He lives in all who are in Christ. In the same way God wanted His temple rebuilt in Israel, He wants you, the temple, to be built up. God wants you to make time for Him, leaving behind the affairs of life and all of it’s struggles. Remember the great lengths God went to, that he could fellowship with Him. He did everything necessary. We are free to approach The King. Yes, we are to be stewards over various things. Yes we have responsibilities, but they are not to take place over our Master. Rather, they are outlets for The Lord to teach us, guide us, and provide for us. Allow Him this. Allow Him the opportunity to fellowship with you. To teach you. To bless you. Redbeard National Chaplain RSMC


  1. http://Dave says

    I am glad to see the writings return.

  2. http://Prospect%20Greg says

    Thank You for the reminder of how the things in life we are so wrapped up in are trumped by our great God.
    Our focus needs to be on Him first then He will ensure we have time to take care of everything else.
    We should plan our day around our devotions and prayer time, not the other way around… Too often I get it backwards
    Thank You Again

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