Warriors and whiners


I had the pleasure and honor of prospecting under a godly man. Original patch Bob “Cowboy” Biondich. I met him at church. I served as youth pastor and we met and seemed to hit it off. He told me stories. Stories of rodeos, rides, people, ministry and Harleys. He told me about mobile ministry that went forward, that was proactive, and adventure of biblical proportion. He taught me everything. How to fill up at the gas pump, how to park, how to carry my self, how close to ride, how to be aware. He even had me scuff up my boots so they wouldn’t look new. He’d tell me “see that guy? He’s a meathead. Don’t do that. Don’t be a meathead.” He taught me about the patch, the lifestyle and true brotherhood. To this day, he’s my dearest friend. Cowboy was one of the few roughnecks that I had met that loved God in a way that didn’t jeopardize who he was. There was no fake in him, no hidden faith, no Sunday but no Monday faith. It was real, every day. He engaged the culture with simplicity and was intentional about life. It wasn’t about what could be, it was about what is. Brothers like this put in the time, do the work and it shows. There are no hidden motives and no pretentious attitudes about life. They have scars from battles that show clearly what it costs to follow Christ. True warriors understand the reality of battle. Its not a one time deal, it daily being waste deep in life, dealing with blow after blow, from the enemy as well as allies. We live in a culture of hidden messages and unrealized expectations. The culture screams for those set apart unto the King, yet have settled so long for wannabe’s that the bar is so low. Wearing shiny armor and looking a part makes no lasting impression on the culture, nor does it make disciples or move the gospel. Clean swords don’t mean much. And being pretty can’t be what its about. There is a difference between a warrior and a whiner. The warrior is involved in life. The whiner expects the honor with out the work. The warrior is committed to the cause of Christ, the whiner is selfish and always makes excuses for sin. The warrior leads, the whiner complains. The warrior has scars but seldom mentions them. The whiner points out the lack of stain and shy’s away from the front line. The affect Cowboy had on my life is immeasurable. If you wanna be something, be a warrior. Train some one else to be one. We need warriors. We need leaders. In our homes, our churches, our work, and our culture. Cowboy is. And he trained me to be one. Primal.


  1. Would like to know more about REMNANT SONS MC. For example where is your main chapter located, are you a MC or MM ? There is a DIFFRENCE. Who is your president? Are you allowed to post your by laws? How to get in contact with your club

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    Very simple And to the point. I offer nothing additional, just encouragement from being encouraged. I was a whiner but circumstance has stripped me of the games and complaining. For that I am grateful.

  3. Met a cool ol dude tonight at The Pondarosa restaurant in Warren Ohio. He invited me to the Thursday evening meeting and I am really excited to meet everyone. Looking forward to meeting all of you brothers and sisters in Christ

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