Why it matters

  The world is rapidly changing. What was once held as foundational truth is being quickly cast aside as being antiquated. We stand in confusion at how quickly this is happening. Slack jawed and angry, Christians have fell into the trap of finger wagging and withdrawal from culture. But before we leave, we stand at the door and scream at those we blame for our dismissal from the table of relevance. Yet, it is of our own doing that we are not considered as such. Not surprised. Scripture is very clear at how culture will decline. Paul clearly warns Timothy about the rapid decline of sound teaching and the rise of false leaders. And yet, we seem shocked at the presence of such. But we try. We try to remain relevant. The way in which we try is somewhat questionable though. Rather than run toward the actions of Christ and the words of Paul, we figured the best way is through politics. It ain’t working. There were 5 kids in my family. I was the oldest. And I figured I’d take on the responsibility of the daily beatdowns as my personal ministry. Every day, in one way or another, I would make it my goal to hurt my siblings. It’s a calling. and I tried to fulfill it with as much passion as I could. When trouble came for my actions, I figured the best way to deal with blame was to deflect it on to those I was hurting. As much as I tried, I couldn’t get my mother to believe that it was not my fault i was hurting my siblings. While no one is looking. We live in a world of opinion. We take side on every issue. Truth is, what you’re reading is my opinion. Everyone has a blog, a perspective, a side to take in just about everything. Elections, global warming, the Pope, immigration, weed, drinking, church, God, The trinity, cars, pollution, corporal punishment, military, music, abortion, homosexual marriage…and the list goes on and on. While people are focused on the big picture of morality, we tend to relax in our own moral attitudes. I may agree on those who stand against gay marriage, yet may spend hours at a time infant of a computer looking at porn. I may be ok with stealing music off the web, yet stand against welfare. It may be ok for me to be involved with sex outside marriage, but will stand firm against another religion having the same religious freedom that I want. We want what we want, but are willing to turn the blind eye to lessor sin and issues that are more widely accepted. Everyone is looking. It matters. Why? As Christ followers, as children of God who call the name Christian, our standard matters. How we fight the fight of faith, how we live, how we treat people, all of them, how we treat marriage, how we understand the practices of right Christian living. Morality matters because God is Holy, and he has called us to be Holy. It matters because what sets us apart from those who need Christ is not what we say or even what we believe…what sets us apart is what we do. Being holy is determined by us being set apart unto the Lord for action unto Him. Cut out from the world and called his own special treasure. We claim to be people of faith, it must not be a buffet to which we choose one action over another. We stand out because of his work in us that leads us into right action. If we expect people to respond to our claims of redemption and forgiveness, along with new life and attitude, it should be present in our daily life. If God is the mountain we point people toward, we out to be a clear path to the top. Our dreams, our love, or concern for people, our compassion for fellow man, or desire for justice, or hurting over poverty and slavery, our disdain over human trafficking should be evident in life and conversation. As Paul said, “shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?” Heck no! Live like you belong to the King. We are not the same . We are different. Therefore, we should act like it. Primal, Florida Outpost

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